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I have always loved custom  motorcycles. I like anything from the simplistic to the

sublime. I like simple custom painted motorcycle jobs, racers, choppers, cruisers

and hogs.  Custom Harley Davidson‘s,  however, are my favorite. I have

dreamed of owning a custom Harley Davidson motorcycle ever since I was

a boy.I think it started off with  my uncle. He was a huge motorcycle

aficionado, and an amateur custom motorcycle builder as well.


My parents loved him because he would get me off of their hands

on the weekends,  and I loved him because he was always working on

something interesting. I would go over to his house and see the garage

strewn with Harley parts.  My parents were extremely tedious, having

to put everything in its proper place at all times. My uncle, however,

had a very different philosophy of life.


He loved to make a mess, particularly when he was involved in something

hands-on. And he was always involved in some sort of  hands-on project

or other. Most of his motorcycles actually weren’t custom Harley Davidson

bikes. He was a big fan of Indians, and he had one he was always working on.

I watched him restore that Indian motorcycle from the ground up and

considering most or all of the parts were delivered in 45 Gallon Drums of

oil it was impressive to say the least but I was waiting for him to build a Harley.

It wasn’t too long before my prayers were answered.   He actually got an order

for a custom Harley Davidson from someone in the neighborhood. Although

there were more highly ranked custom motorcycle builders out there, there was

not anyone else who would do such a good job for such  an affordable price like

my uncle would.

custom harley davidson chopper

You see, he didn’t build custom motorcycles for a living, but as a hobby. It was a

labor of love for him, and as such he would always do a solid job. That is how he

got the custom Harley Davidson order in the first place. Some guy had inherited

his dad’s old bike,  and wanted my uncle to fix it.


Not having the skills himself, he asked my uncle to help him out. I spent the

whole summer helping him build that bike.   My body was always streaked with

grease from those custom motorcycle parts that I was handling. I was restless

and grubby, but I was a happy kid. As a matter of fact, it was one of the best

summers that I ever had!  Needless to say I’ve owned my current Harley for

over 10 years now and I always tell people that my biggest regret was that I

didn’t buy it 10 years earlier.


Yes it is customized but not in a show bike sense, it looks fantastic but more

for touring I have ridden my Harley through almost every major city in the

USA and will continue to do so until I die.  OH! and I am going to do a full

custom of my own NOT a Harley though an Indian,  but fully customize from

the frame up in honor of my Uncle. I love keeping up to date on new models

and other Harley news and I know my Blog Hog-Crazy will help you keep up

to date as well!

Live Hard & Ride Free!

Biker Steve

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