Hydrogen Engine Kits – Anatomy of a Grassroots Movement

An ancient Chinese curse sounds like this: “May you live interesting times”. Well, if this is a curse, then we are all doomed.

Change is in the air. A critical point in humanity’s history has been reached and people are reacting instinctively to it, some with fear, some with bravery, but react to it still.

An ongoing chapter of this transformational age is the fuel crisis. The United States in particular has suddenly woken up to the grim fact that the era of cheap oil has come to an end. The sales of gas gurglers have reached an all time low, while the Toyota Prius is the new star.

Some people though recognized that in order to face the challenges of this new age a more radical shift is needed. Enter the world of the hydrogen car kit enthusiasts. With cheap components, some handy guides and a great deal of enthusiasm they are doing what the car manufacturers have always considered to be impossible. They are reaching mileages which the Detroit car factories can’t even fathom let alone reproduce.

At the center of this grassroots movement lays an old but forgotten innovation: Basically these people are splitting water and use the resulting hydrogen-oxygen gas (HHO gas or brown gas) as a super fuel additive.

There are no clear figures on how many people have already changed their lives using this technique, but if you pay close attention to the bumper stickers that these enthusiasts quite usually sport on their working cars you’ll see that their number is nearing critical mass.

This would be one of the very few times in history when a revolution has been bloodless, but a revolution that will have a huge impact nonetheless. Skeptics have predicted the end of the United States as a superpower for decades, but these stubborn and incurably optimistic people are the ones that will prove them wrong again and again.

How many other such movements are going on right now? How many other innovations will this time of crisis bring? Nobody knows for sure.

But there is one movement you can be a part of. You can become a hydrogen car kit enthusiast too. See Run Your Auto on Water to understand how you can make the difference.

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