Hydrogen Engine Kits – What You Should Pay Attention To

Troubled times require desperate measures. While the usage of the brown gas HHO (split water) as a water additive for gasoline does not exactly fit this category, the incredible popularity that these hydrogen car kits have achieved lately is a proof of how desperately people want to change their lifestyle.

The problem with this hydrogen additive business is the fact that not all the players on the market are… let’s say… of top notch quality.

It pays a lot to analyze such offers, but it pays even more to know what you should be looking for:

Here are 5 tips when considering buying such a system:

1) You must first do no harm. This is a critical part. There are hydrogen car kits out there which when are employed can damage your car. Ideally a hydrogen car kit should not require messing up with your car’s engine or your car’s injection system.

2) Remember that hydrogen is dangerous. This is another critical part. Search for hydrogen car kits that store as little hydrogen gas as possible. Ideally the system should only generate hydrogen when needed.

3) Efficiency is the key. While most hydrogen car kits have improvements versus the early models, some are simply better than the others. Watch the efficiency figure. See how much such a system can increase the mileage on the average car.

4) Don’t buy into the hype. Look for figures. Salesmen are just that… salesmen. They can try to spin the facts, but they can’t hype the figures. Be on the lookout for technical specs and the minimum guaranteed results. These are the figures that matter, because these will most likely reflect the real quality of the product. If you somehow manage to obtain even better figures, then hey, you’ll have a pleasant surprise.

5) Look at the cost of the components and the cost of the hydrogen car kit guide. This is actually the last item you should pay attention to, but if you have 2 similar offers, it makes sense to go for the cheaper one.

It looks fairly complicated, but once you begin seeing the rationale behind this advice, you’ll see that it makes sense. One of the options, which I found and which passes all five tests from above is Run Auto On Water

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