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We’ve received SO MANY comments on the last wallpaper we posted that I’ve decided to post a couple more for you die-hard Harley-Davidson motorcycle fans!  So enjoy these just as much folks and keep the conversations going!! These are a little “racy”  so I apologize in advance if it offends anyone.  Let me know with your comments if you would like more or if they aren’t to your liking.  “Live Hard and Ride Free!”  Biker Steve,  HogCrazy Harley Blog

custom chopper - custom harley - custom motorcycle - chopperClick image for full size view

harley hottie - harley babes - girls on harleys - biker girls - hog honeysClick image for full size view

Well until the next time we post some more  harley hottie – harley babes – harley hotties – girls on harleys – biker girls – hog honeys – biker babes I hope these will keep you satisfied!  We will continue to provide our loyal readership with what it wants so PLEASE let us know what you would like to see here on the HogCrazy Harley Blog!

Harley Davidson Wallpaper

Harley Davidson wallpaper is in huge demand right now online according to Google and Yahoo.  I am not talking about the wallpaper you put on your house walls but the kind that covers your computer desktop.  There are a ton of places online to get Harley-Davidson wallpaper and you have just stumbled on the  hottest site online for stunning Harley wallpapers!

Personalizing your personal computer is simple with the use of Harley-Davidson wallpapers. You can find many places online that offer FREE downloads of Harley-Davidson wallpaper. We all have a unique personality so the wallpaper you select will reflect your own style and tastes. You can accentuate your unique persona through the use of these stunning Harley-Davidson wallpaper graphics. When choosing your Harley-Davidson wallpapers  always keep in mind who will be “Looking” at your computer! Depending on the graphics you  choose it could be an uncomfortable situation for you.

It is child’s play to download and use Harley-Davidson wallpaper for your computer. Once the graphics have been downloaded simply right click on your desktop and choose “personalize” from the popup menu that appears next to your pointer. In the widow that appears click on “Desktop Background” then at the top of the window click the “Browse” button and navigate to the folder that you saved your Harley-Davidson wallpaper graphics in and choose the graphic you would like to use as your desktop background. The steps are the same to use your Harley-Davidson wallpapers as a screensaver for your computer, simply click on “Screen Saver” instead of “Desktop Background” and follow the same steps.

Steve Colwell

“Biker Steve”

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Build Your Own Chopper – A Glossary of Harley Terms

Harley-Davidson - Harley motorcycle - HogCrazy - Harley Davidson motorcycle

For many years now there are certain words and terms which are very clearly associated with Harley Davidson motorcycles.  Yet although these Harley Davidson terms have been around for many years now they are now commonly used by others when they are building their own custom choppers.In this article we look at a few of the more common terms being used today by builders of custom choppers that were first introduced by the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company.

custom chopper - custom harley - custom motorcycle - chopper

Term 1 – Ape Hangers are the types of handlebars to be found on many custom motorcycles which have been elevated to a height that then places the hands of the motorcyclist above their shoulders. (As seen in the photo above)

Term 2 – When it comes to the term Big Twin this relates to the size of the engine that has been installed on the motorcycle. Today in most Harley Davidson’s the engines range from a size of 883 cc (cubic centimetres) up to a size of 1584cc.

Term 3 – Another term you often here custom chopper builders talking about is the “Fat Head” when it comes to engines. This is a new sort of twin cam engine that the Harley Davidson company introduced to the market back in 1999 and which is now found on not just their own machines but on those being built by custom chopper enthusiasts.

custom harley davidson, custom harley, harley engineHarley Fat Head Engine

As you will soon discover there are many other Harley Davidson terms that those who build their own custom choppers will use. Other terms that are favoured by such people are the blockhead, the fat boy and the shovelhead.

Harley-Davidson UK

It’s not shocking to see an Harley Davidson Sportster traversing the roads of the British Isles simply because Harley UK has usually been energetic in bringing the satisfaction of large biking to this portion of Europe.

Most of the Harley-Davidson designs ever marketed can be observed roaming the UK. This fad began in 1949 if the Harley Riders Club of Great Britain was formed and arranged nationwide parades and ride-outs. This tradition was taken care of and by 1982, the group has grown into a huge number of members inside the UK, USA, Australia, and Europe. In 1991 the HD US Hog Owners Group became an worldwide group and held its initial official European rally in Cheltenham, England. Soon, HOG chapters were organized in lots of places within the United kingdom as well as other nations. In the United Kingdom, they are the true secret to supplying the requirements of many Harley bikes proprietors since supplying services to groups with pre identified members is a superb convenience for those providing these kind of solutions.
Through the assistance from the strong Harley-Davidson United Kingdom network of dealers,

Harley owners are supplied with special services like motorbike coaching, rent-a- Harley privileges, and detailed guides to ride-outs and rallies inside the United Kingdom. There is even a Museum to point out case Harley memorabilia in instances past. Harley-Davidson delivers all models obtainable for sale and a total array of parts and components for your HD bikes. HD riding gear and HD apparel can also be within their lists of provided items. They’ve a very productive website in which you’ll be able to browse and search for no matter what you will need, services or products. The tradition of service for the HD users may be the main characteristic that makes Harley-Davidson UK aside from other motorcycle suppliers within the United Kingdom.

The newest types offered within the UK include the Dyna FLD Switchback, a perfect product for cruising about and the Night Rod Special, designed for simple handling and splendid pace overall performance. 2012 models both the Touring and Softail are now equipped with all the Twin Cam 103 engines which are air-cooled engines with six-speed transmission for ideal power and overall performance. Each one of these new models and even the classic Harley Davidson motorcycles are introduced through the Harley-Davidson United kingdom dealers by means of their well- skilled technicians who provide technical information around the latest HD bikes. Some dealers provide older models which they’ve refurbished and introduced to superb conditions. Regardless of whether old or new types, the principle attraction of the Harley bike may be the various customizations which can be applied on any product. Harley -Davidson United kingdom delivers an substantial catalog of parts which can be used for this kind of customizations
Probably the most enjoyable time for Harley-Davidson United kingdom entrepreneurs is during a scheduled rally or ride-outs.

In this kind of activities, thousands of HD owners come out with their bikes in joyful celebration of the event and have the opportunity to satisfy each old and new pals and acquaintances in the rally. This is exactly where every person High definition owner can display off his bike for all to find out and in addition to look at other admirable motorcycles being paraded. Harley-Davidson UK frequently gives this memorable deal with to a large number of Harley proprietors thereby preserve superb rapport with them. This is the ultimate gesture of after-sales-service at Harley-Davidson United kingdom which can be conceived by any marketing and advertising company.

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Hog-Crazy Harley Hotties!

Harley-Davidson Hotties!!

Some Harley Hotties! to oogle over enjoy!!

harley hottie - harley babes - girls on harleys - biker girls - hog honeysHarley Hotties! #1

harley hottie - harley babes - girls on harleys - biker girls - hog honeysHarley Hottie! #2

harley hottie - harley babes - girls on harleys - biker girls - hog honeysHarley Hottie! #4

harley hottie - harley babes - girls on harleys - biker girls - hog honeysHarley Hottie! #5

I hope you all enjoy the photos and continue to be true “Bikers” and follow the biker code (will posted here for future reference) Let me know if would like topic on this blog and I’ll do my best to get it covered here at Hog-Crazy.

Live Hard & Ride Free!

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Custom Harley-Davidson Chopper


I have always loved custom  motorcycles. I like anything from the simplistic to the

sublime. I like simple custom painted motorcycle jobs, racers, choppers, cruisers

and hogs.  Custom Harley Davidson‘s,  however, are my favorite. I have

dreamed of owning a custom Harley Davidson motorcycle ever since I was

a boy.I think it started off with  my uncle. He was a huge motorcycle

aficionado, and an amateur custom motorcycle builder as well.


My parents loved him because he would get me off of their hands

on the weekends,  and I loved him because he was always working on

something interesting. I would go over to his house and see the garage

strewn with Harley parts.  My parents were extremely tedious, having

to put everything in its proper place at all times. My uncle, however,

had a very different philosophy of life.


He loved to make a mess, particularly when he was involved in something

hands-on. And he was always involved in some sort of  hands-on project

or other. Most of his motorcycles actually weren’t custom Harley Davidson

bikes. He was a big fan of Indians, and he had one he was always working on.

I watched him restore that Indian motorcycle from the ground up and

considering most or all of the parts were delivered in 45 Gallon Drums of

oil it was impressive to say the least but I was waiting for him to build a Harley.

It wasn’t too long before my prayers were answered.   He actually got an order

for a custom Harley Davidson from someone in the neighborhood. Although

there were more highly ranked custom motorcycle builders out there, there was

not anyone else who would do such a good job for such  an affordable price like

my uncle would.

custom harley davidson chopper

You see, he didn’t build custom motorcycles for a living, but as a hobby. It was a

labor of love for him, and as such he would always do a solid job. That is how he

got the custom Harley Davidson order in the first place. Some guy had inherited

his dad’s old bike,  and wanted my uncle to fix it.


Not having the skills himself, he asked my uncle to help him out. I spent the

whole summer helping him build that bike.   My body was always streaked with

grease from those custom motorcycle parts that I was handling. I was restless

and grubby, but I was a happy kid. As a matter of fact, it was one of the best

summers that I ever had!  Needless to say I’ve owned my current Harley for

over 10 years now and I always tell people that my biggest regret was that I

didn’t buy it 10 years earlier.


Yes it is customized but not in a show bike sense, it looks fantastic but more

for touring I have ridden my Harley through almost every major city in the

USA and will continue to do so until I die.  OH! and I am going to do a full

custom of my own NOT a Harley though an Indian,  but fully customize from

the frame up in honor of my Uncle. I love keeping up to date on new models

and other Harley news and I know my Blog Hog-Crazy will help you keep up

to date as well!

Live Hard & Ride Free!

Biker Steve

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5 Misconceptions About Hydrogen Car Kits

Harley-Davidson - Harley motorcycle - HogCrazy - Harley Davidson motorcycle

As the innovative hydrogen car kits are now entering the mainstream there is a horrendous amount of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) being flung around. Whether you are interested in purchasing such a system or not it’s really worth to know the facts:

Fake Fact Number 1:

Hydrogen car kits sellers say that these burn water. This is nonsense and thus this whole movement is just a hype movement.


Hydrogen car kits do not burn water, because yes, that’s impossible. What they do is that they use the car battery to split the water into its components hydrogen and oxygen and use the resulting HHO gas or brown gas as it is called.

Fake Fact Number 2:

Hydrogen car kits can’t be useful. They spend more energy in splitting the water than they do from actually burning the resulting stuff. It’s basic physics.


If this is what hydrogen car kits would be actually doing, you’d be right. However the hydrogen gas is used as an additive which greatly improves the efficiency of the gasoline burning process. Basically, the mix burns faster and thus a much smaller amount of energy is dissipated as heat and converted into useful energy.

Fake Fact Number 3:

If this hydrogen thing would be really working then the car manufacturers would’ve used it a long time ago.


This is just blatantly false. Car manufacturers are very conservative in their designs. Diesel engines for example, which are much more efficient than standard ones have been with us almost for as long as cars themselves, yet they are still in minority. We don’t want to point any fingers here, but when these manufacturers compare the benefits of an improved design with the cost of modifying their assembly lines, the cost aware argument usually wins.

Hog-Crazy 2010 Harley-Davidson Sporster 1200L -XL1200L-a http://hog-crazy.freehostia.com

hog-crazy.freehostia.com - 2010 Harley-Davidson Sporster 1200Low -XL1200L

Fake Fact Number 4:

The price for the components of these hydrogen car kits must be huge.


This is again blatantly false. These systems were invented by people just like you and me who were passionate about making a difference. This means that they had low budgets and they had access only to off the shelve components. This is a grassroots movement and the cost really does reflect this.

Fake Fact Number 5:

If these hydrogen car kits really are this good, wouldn’t the government support them? There is absolutely no help from the government in this direction, which means that these things are absolutely useless.


You have reached a painful truth. Indeed, the government is not supporting such innovations, but not because these hydrogen car kits do not deserve, but rather because there are no huge corporate interests and lobbyists behind them. The only initiative of this type that the government is supporting is the ethanol fuel, which is not particularly efficient (especially in its corn variety), but which has the benefit of producing huge profits for the agribusiness establishment.

These are the pure, raw facts. If by any chance you have decided to try hydrogen engine kits, you have our congratulations.  A good place to find out more would be this: Hydrogen Engine Specialist

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Hydrogen Engine Kits – Anatomy of a Grassroots Movement

An ancient Chinese curse sounds like this: “May you live interesting times”. Well, if this is a curse, then we are all doomed.

Change is in the air. A critical point in humanity’s history has been reached and people are reacting instinctively to it, some with fear, some with bravery, but react to it still.

An ongoing chapter of this transformational age is the fuel crisis. The United States in particular has suddenly woken up to the grim fact that the era of cheap oil has come to an end. The sales of gas gurglers have reached an all time low, while the Toyota Prius is the new star.

Some people though recognized that in order to face the challenges of this new age a more radical shift is needed. Enter the world of the hydrogen car kit enthusiasts. With cheap components, some handy guides and a great deal of enthusiasm they are doing what the car manufacturers have always considered to be impossible. They are reaching mileages which the Detroit car factories can’t even fathom let alone reproduce.

At the center of this grassroots movement lays an old but forgotten innovation: Basically these people are splitting water and use the resulting hydrogen-oxygen gas (HHO gas or brown gas) as a super fuel additive.

There are no clear figures on how many people have already changed their lives using this technique, but if you pay close attention to the bumper stickers that these enthusiasts quite usually sport on their working cars you’ll see that their number is nearing critical mass.

This would be one of the very few times in history when a revolution has been bloodless, but a revolution that will have a huge impact nonetheless. Skeptics have predicted the end of the United States as a superpower for decades, but these stubborn and incurably optimistic people are the ones that will prove them wrong again and again.

How many other such movements are going on right now? How many other innovations will this time of crisis bring? Nobody knows for sure.

But there is one movement you can be a part of. You can become a hydrogen car kit enthusiast too. See Run Your Auto on Water to understand how you can make the difference.

Adjustable Handlebars For Selected BMW Motorcycles

Adjustable Handlebars For Sure BMW Motorcycles

The problems is all motorbikes are manufactured in a factory and they arrive out all the similar. Effectively they are the exact dimensions anyway. With people today of program no two are the similar. Wouldn’t it be good if you could deliver your measurements to the motorcycle factory, request a Harris Exhaust be added on, and say I want to purchase a bike that fits me just like you can do at the tailors. Nicely in the outdated days of tailors you could.

Is it any wonder then that soon after a long ride, sometimes not so extended, you get off with sore wrists, shoulders, elbows or a backache?

Harley Davidson Motorcycles – A Slice of Classic Americana

One particular thing is for a number of and that’s that the Harley Davidson name undoubtedly usually requires no introduction. In deed, there is just no mistaking the appear and “sound” of a Harley when it passes you on the highway. They’re a brand of large hefty bikes that are made totally in the fantastic state of Wisconsin. Entirely designed and designed in the USA!

Customizing a Harley is now simpler then it has ever before been before because of fully to the effortless access on the World-wide-web of an actually boosting number of right after market place areas and supplies. What helps make it even greater is the massive amount of suppliers that constantly compete with a person a different for Harley owners and followers enterprise. Add to that the many dealers who present minimize charge deals on “used” pieces as perfectly.

Customizing Motorcycles and the Part of Mufflers

There could possibly be any good reason to customize your car or truck. May possibly be you don’t feel at ease with the original gear set up in your bike or it’s expired or there may be some other explanation. No matter what the cause is, bulk of people today want to customize their autos. Normally, it’s basic and will take significantly less work to give your motor vehicle a new look and feel and also to add several features in it. Maintaining in brain the reality that unique devices has minimal performance when compared to customize or aftermarket motorbike equipment it results in being visible why these aftermarket accessories are liked by bikers. Although there are lot a lot of people today that are of the view that this customization of motorbikes originated once Earth War II when American soldiers returned back again dwelling from Europe, and it’s proper as very well even so good deal a lot of people today in particular the youthful bikers do this mainly because they want to look and feel diverse and give their automobile a trendy search.

Appear, strength of riding and noise are the primary things that lure bulk of young persons to get their autos personalized. Remedy to a difficulty/require is a business enterprise and it’s correct for motorbike customizing companies. It is amazing all of the different ways you can improve your motorcycle exhausts. Right now, motorbike lovers can get the auto they want. To give one’s bike there are quite a few tactics that can be adopted like you can get new tires, gloves or helmets a saddle of your option or the horn. As young motorbike riders get lured by the search, come to feel of power of the car or the noise it creates, so for this explanation, motorbike exhausts become the starting level to customize a bike. This very little energy helps the bikers get a great deal and right after getting a customized exhaust set up in their bike, they can move even more by customizing other accessories as properly.

Harrisburg, York, and Hersey, Pennsylvania – Money Establishing, Motorcycles, and Chocolate

Staying only thirty-five miles from Harrisburg, PA, we had to get the obligatory visit to the Capital Developing. The money complicated is one of the most beautiful in the nation, which we have observed so much. The developing was dedicated in 1906 by Theodore Roosevelt and has been restored to its unique glory in time for its centennial celebration. The staircase is modeled once the a single in the Paris Opera Property. There were meant to be two scantily clad female statues holding torches at the bottom of the stairs. The townspeople had been offended. The architect determined to take the statues and place them in the Capital at Des Moines, Iowa. The dome is modeled soon after St. Peter’s in the Vatican. If you like marble, you will like the money. During the developing are paintings, mosaics, glass-stained windows, and ornate lights. It is not garish, but rather lovely.

Hershey is a quick 10-mile drive East of the Capital. Hershey Chocolate is synonymous with confection. What I did not notice was the selection of other brand names, which are produced there. The town has a big theme park, convention centers, stadia, and many other attractions. We went only the Chocolate World for the mechanized tour of creating chocolate. You get into cars like at an amusement park and this normally requires you because of the tour. When you exit you are give some chocolate to consume. The relaxation of the creating is stuffed with retailers, an spot exactly where young people can participate in manufacturing chocolate, a three-D motion picture and a sizeable meals court. I was blown away at the variety of people today who were there. Chocoholics of the world, unite! Of program we couldn’t leave not having obtaining presents.

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Harley Davidson Boots And Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson - Harley motorcycle - HogCrazy - Harley Davidson motorcycle

Harley Davidson Boots and Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson has turned out to be iconic of American ingenuity and ruggedness. The three Davidson brothers and William S. Harley commenced creating motorcycles from a wood shed, and then released the Harley-Davidson firm in 1903. In time, the company grew from its humble beginnings, to turn out to be a serious transportation alternative. On top of that, Harley-Davidson was instrumental in both World War I and World War II, in securing victories for the U.S. and our Allies.

Harley-Davidson continued to make innovations that would reinvent the way that companies manufactured motorcycles. The business additionally advanced its dominance of America’s motorcycles in the 1950s. In 1953, the Indian motorcycle organization folded, propelling Harley-Davidson as the unique producer of motorcycles within the U.S.  Nevertheless, the enterprise hardly ever ceased its quest for excellence. Harley-Davidson introduced innovations, including the 1957 unveiling of its “Sportster” model. A new culture of motorcyclists sporting Harley Davidson boots and leather jackets was born. In addition, Harley-Davidson motorcycles became a symbol of independence, and  of exploring America’s open roads, with motorcyclists seen wearing Motorcycle Helmets.

BMW Motorcycles – A Short Historical past

It was the Treaty of Versailles that changed the confront of BMW. Up right up until the end of World War one, BMW was a manufacturer of aircraft engines. Its well-known blue and white circular badge, which is mentioned to signify aircraft propellers in motion, becoming a reminder of the company’s previous. The actuality that the logo basically derives from the colours of the flag of Bavaria, and was used a superior 12 years previously BMW commenced to assemble aircraft engines, has completed almost nothing to interfere with the popular myth. When the German Air Force was disbanded and outlawed after the war, BMW had to flip its attentions elsewhere to put bread on the table. After briefly flirting with the producer of agricultural machinery and even office furnishings, they commenced developing motorcycles. At that time, the chief designer was a man named Max Friz, who was accountable for the well-known Boxer engines, the first of which was based on a British Douglas style.

Obtaining Utilised Motorcycles In Florida – Factors To Think about

When it comes to obtaining a used motorcycle it is essential that you as the purchaser hold in brain a amount of elements just before you hand above any of your challenging earned money. Below the issues we record are ones that you need to maintain in brain whether you are obtaining applied motorcycles in Florida or any where by else for that make any difference. The main problem you will experience when contemplating shopping for a utilized motorbike is to establish if the cost has been properly evaluated. Absolutely you want to get in to brain a number of various variables that you would not ordinarily have to take into consideration when purchasing a brand name new a person, for example if it has modified motorcycle parts.

Indian Motorcycles – A Brief Background

Aurora of Illinois supplied the engine that would energy the ‘Diamond framed Single’, which carried the abundant red that would grow to be synonymous with Indian. Introduced in 1902, product sales rose to 32,000 in 1913. 1907 saw the introduction of a V-twin which, along with Erwin ‘Canonball’ Baker would set several extended distance records culminating with a trip from San Diego to New York in a document time of 11 days, 12 hrs and 10 minutes. As is the scenario nowadays, competition inspired technical innovation and Indian went from power to power, winning the Isle of Man TT race in 1911. Not only that, but Indians finished 2nd and third also.

The Indian Chief and Scout appeared in the early 1920′s and went on to come to be the flagships of the firm. By this time, both Hendee and Hedstrom had left the business. The two bikes won the admiration of the public, not only for their looks, but also for their durability, consequently the stating, ‘You can’t put on out an Indian Scout, or its brother the Indian Chief. They are built like rocks to consider tricky knocks it’s the Harleys that bring about the grief’.

Although Harley-Davidson remains the King of the road, bar none!

Live Hard & Ride FREE forever!

Biker Steve

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Hydrogen Engine Kits – What You Should Pay Attention To

Troubled times require desperate measures. While the usage of the brown gas HHO (split water) as a water additive for gasoline does not exactly fit this category, the incredible popularity that these hydrogen car kits have achieved lately is a proof of how desperately people want to change their lifestyle.

The problem with this hydrogen additive business is the fact that not all the players on the market are… let’s say… of top notch quality.

It pays a lot to analyze such offers, but it pays even more to know what you should be looking for:

Here are 5 tips when considering buying such a system:

1) You must first do no harm. This is a critical part. There are hydrogen car kits out there which when are employed can damage your car. Ideally a hydrogen car kit should not require messing up with your car’s engine or your car’s injection system.

2) Remember that hydrogen is dangerous. This is another critical part. Search for hydrogen car kits that store as little hydrogen gas as possible. Ideally the system should only generate hydrogen when needed.

3) Efficiency is the key. While most hydrogen car kits have improvements versus the early models, some are simply better than the others. Watch the efficiency figure. See how much such a system can increase the mileage on the average car.

4) Don’t buy into the hype. Look for figures. Salesmen are just that… salesmen. They can try to spin the facts, but they can’t hype the figures. Be on the lookout for technical specs and the minimum guaranteed results. These are the figures that matter, because these will most likely reflect the real quality of the product. If you somehow manage to obtain even better figures, then hey, you’ll have a pleasant surprise.

5) Look at the cost of the components and the cost of the hydrogen car kit guide. This is actually the last item you should pay attention to, but if you have 2 similar offers, it makes sense to go for the cheaper one.

It looks fairly complicated, but once you begin seeing the rationale behind this advice, you’ll see that it makes sense. One of the options, which I found and which passes all five tests from above is Run Auto On Water

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