Make More Money as a Passionate Blogger

If you want to make money blogging, passion is important.

Don’t think for a second that’s misplaced sentimentality, either! Why would your feelings make a difference? If the numbers add up, a good niche is a good niche, regardless of whether you’re fascinated or repelled by it, right?


Again and again we’ve noticed that marketers who really care about their niches make more money than those who don’t. There are good reasons to choose a niche about which you feel passionate. Let’s consider four of them.

First, if you love your niche, you’re far more likely to create content that will appeal to readers. You’re less likely to supply erroneous information if you’re a subject matter expert. You’re also more likely to supply content that connects with the audience. Passion for a topic makes you a better content provider, and that’s how to make money blogging.

Second, those who care about their niches are more likely to keep their blogs moving forward. You need to be motivated to succeed and picking a topic you love can give you that motivation. Blogging isn’t something you can just do once before moving on to something else. Your success depends upon regularly adding content and making improvements. The failure to choose a niche that excites you can lead to project abandonment.

Third, making money in a niche you love opens doors to other opportunities. If you’re passionate about your niche, you’ll find new and exciting ways to expand your business that might otherwise pass unnoticed. If you’re not really interested in widgets, you’re not going to discover some great ways to maximize the value of your widget blog. You’ll overlook opportunities to interest, excite and motivate your readers. You’ll miss opportunities. If you’re actually passionate about your niche, you’ll naturally discover new ideas and ways to improve your blogging business.

Fourth, it’s more fun. It’s simply more enjoyable to work on topics about which you care. We all want to start making money online with our blogging. That doesn’t mean we need to measure those returns exclusively in terms of dollars and cents. Doesn’t the idea of profiting and having a good time sound nice?

When you make a choice about your blogging projects, consider the way you feel about the niches. Don’t just edit the most unbearable options from your list of choices, either. Actively search out ideas that match your personal passions. You can improve your business on multiple fronts by following your passions.

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