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Custom Harley-Davidson Chopper

Published on August 19, 2011 By Biker Steve

I have always loved custom  motorcycles. I like anything from the simplistic to the sublime. I like simple custom painted motorcycle jobs, racers, choppers, cruisers and hogs.  Custom Harley Davidson‘s,  however, are my favorite. I have dreamed of owning a custom Harley Davidson motorcycle ever since I was a boy.I think it started off with  my uncle. He was a huge […]

Harley Davidson Boots And Motorcycles

Published on June 20, 2011 By FTS

Harley Davidson Boots and Motorcycles Harley-Davidson has turned out to be iconic of American ingenuity and ruggedness. The three Davidson brothers and William S. Harley commenced creating motorcycles from a wood shed, and then released the Harley-Davidson firm in 1903. In time, the company grew from its humble beginnings, to turn out to be a […]

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