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If you ride to live, then you know what it means to own a custom Harley chopper, and I am not talking about some add-on chrome bike either; Anyone with some cash can drop by your local Harley Davidson dealer and ride away on a new Road King, or other of their other factory models.A real custom Harley chopper is a one of kind custom built masterpiece that is created from the ground up, a 100% all original work of American beauty that reflects the personality and lifestyle of the proud owner. Hard core bikers know what I am talking about; the painstakingly hard work of creating and shaping a one of a kind statement of riding to live, and living to ride, wrapped around the perfect custom Harley chopper.Building the perfect Harley doesn’t happen over night either, everything must be the perfect balance of frame, forks, the right rake and extension, rolling on tires and wheels that support the whole design. Every thing matters when building the perfect custom Harley, and if you are truly hardcore, then to complete the full extension of machine to man could mean 100% custom parts, engine, tank, and chrome. Nothing but the best will do.So what does it take to build the perfect custom Harley motorcycle? First off it takes a boatload of cash, then you gonna need to find the right craftsman to hand all that cash to, and then brother you need some patients; you gonna have to sit down and talk with your craftsman, and help him understand how you are, what is important to you, so he can put pen to paper to form up some rough ideas. These ideas will be shaped and tweaked and considered until your Harley craftsman has the design that is truly you, and no one else.Every nut, bolt, piece of molding, the right handlebars, and grips, absolutely everything will be well thought out, and nothing will be left to chance, or just thrown in. The perfect ride height that flows with a saddle that is made to fit your backsides contour, and all of the remaining pieces that are build around the heart of your custom chopper, the engine and transmission.With you custom Harley almost complete, there will hours and hours of assembling and disassembling, fine tuning, tweaking, and testing until the final phase will be applying the richest paint job and graphics that turn thousands of dollars of hard earned cash and countless hours of laborious love, sweat, busted knuckles, and blood into the work of beauty that is your custom Harley chopper.OK so where do you find this custom chopper craftsman? Well I am sure you already know the answer, and this isn’t an overnight decision either, we have read every biker rag, went to all of the top bike shows, studied every custom bike we come across, and after we have researched all of our options, we pick up the phone or ride out to our craftsman and after a serious conversation or two we close the deal by shaking hands, signing some paperwork, and dropping that big fat wad of cash we have been saving for who knows how long.Those of you who have lived that dream of building and owning the perfect custom chopper know what I am talking about. Those of you still working on the dream will very soon know as well. The love of our lifestyle is but a reflection of how we live, carry ourselves and the bike we ride, the rest of this love is in our hearts!

Published on May 5, 2014 By Biker Steve

There comes a time in everyone’s life when motorcycles become not only interesting but accessible, for me this was aged 15, and at 16 I had my first motorbike.The bike in question was a Suzuki ZR50 which was built like an old school chopper, with the seat, and handlebars to match, despite its blistering 28mph top speed! But unlike my friends who took an interest in the sports style motorcycles, I was hooked on the custom chopper and Harley Davidson scene.My ZR50 spent quite a lot of time in bits, I painted it up by myself, tricked up the engine to a new top speed if 48mph and I even painted a design of Eddy from Iron Maiden on one of the plastic farings.That was 1987 and since then the custom motorcycle bug is an itch that I still enjoy scratching.But the custom chopper & motorcycle scene is bigger today than it has ever been with the popularity of TV programmes such as American Chopper highlighting Orange County Choppers, and buying and selling custom built motorcycles is big business.Finding the right market value for a motorcycle with a specific specification is difficult enough, but determining the value of a custom built motorcycle is a bit of an art, and you need to know what you are doing, so you’re buying or selling a custom made motorcycle, then you need to see what other custom motorcycles are selling for, and get a heads up on the true market value.Purchasing a custom motorcycle at the right price is an excellent investment IF you know what you are looking for, and you will be the envy of your friends.If you are in the market for a custom chopper or Harley Davidson then you need to know your numbers and market value. Use our unique software algorithm to search for the best deals on the internet including eBay.In these economic times people are selling their custom motorcycles at unheard of prices which means you can pick up a real quality custom motorcycle bargain.

Published on May 5, 2014 By Biker Steve

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Harley Davidson parts and accessories to choose from. Some parts, like heated grips, are practical, while others, like Harley fashions, tend to be designed more for enjoying the Harley lifestyle. No matter if you are shopping for a part to keep your hog running or for a gift for a Harley fan, Harley Davidson has an item for you.If you are shopping for Harley Davidson parts and accessories to pimp out your hog then you may be interested in the Sportser kit. This kit comes with a limited edition belt buckle, a sports luggage rack with five bars, a medium low upright with a medallion ensignia, detachable sissy bar sideplates, docking hardware, a smooth top stitched medium low backrest pad and a breathable storage cover. This kit is compatible with 2004 and later XL models such as the XL 883, the XL 883L and the XL 1200N. This kit also is available for the Dyna, the Softail and for Harley Touring bikes.If you are interested in Harley Davidson parts and accessories that will protect your head then you may want to look at their line of helmets. The first option is the half helmet. These helmets are reminiscent of WWI and II helmet models. Other options include the 3/4, or open faced helmet, and the modular, or full face helmet.While most of the Harley Davidson parts and accessories seem practical enough, there are a few accessories that are designed for pampering the biker. If you do a lot of winter or cold weather biking, then you may be interested in the Harley line of heated biker gear. This line includes a heated jacket liner, a heated vest liner, heated pants liners and heated gloves. In order to operate these personal heating accessories you will need to buy connecting wires, plugs and controllers in addition to the heated clothing liners.

Published on March 30, 2014 By Biker Steve

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Harley Davidson parts and accessories to choose from. Some parts, like heated grips, are practical, while others, like Harley fashions, tend to be designed more for enjoying the Harley lifestyle. No matter if you are shopping for a part to keep your hog running or for a gift […]

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